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  • Anyone can buy these properties located in every city/county.
  • Buy properties under $1,000.
  • Don't have money to invest? Solutions are available!
  • Having real estate experience is not necessary.
  • Good credit or a license is not required.
  • Start part-time or in spare time.
  • Easy to follow instructions. Customer Reviews

I use to sell my course on, it was easy and they handled everything. I finally stopped using Fiverr in 2018 after I learned out how I could cut out the middle man and sell the course for less.
The worst review I received was from a young lady didnít follow the instructions (smh) and ended up on my $19.95 primer course page where she was only able to view the first 3 pages for free. I alerted her, but she didn't respond until a month later, which was too late and Fiverr would not let her change her review. She is the reason I do not have 5.0 rating, but she did apologize.

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