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Buy Tax Lien Certificates Online

I don't know how many times I get asked about buying tax lien certificates online.  So I decided to make a page specific about it.

This is my stance on buying property online.  I do not, I repeat, I do not buy any property that I have not seen with my own two eyes.

The reason why, it's simple.  Have you ever seen a house that is pretty in the front, but when you see the side of the property.  The siding is missing or the rest of the property looks horrible?  That's someone who has pretty up the front took a picture and said buy this property online.  If you do, when you get there and see all the work you have to do.  You will be devastated about your purchase.  It's your fault, you have to do your homework on every or any property before you buy!  The idea of buying a property online based on just a picture is an easy way to make a bad investment.

Also when bidding online you have to be careful. Once you submit a bid, there is probably no turning back. You also have to get your bid in by specific date and time. Obviously, people are interested in bidding online because they do not have to be there.

So what are your options, if you can't physically go see the property the question I'd ask is do you have any friends or family that could go check it out for you.  Obviously, they would need to know about assessing property. If you don't have any friends or family in the area you could consider doing online buying in areas where you do have friends or family.

The other options is called bird-dog.  This is basically a person you don't know, but this person has knowledge of property assessing.  For a fee they can assess the property and advise you on whether to purchase or not.  As well as how much to invest and how much it will take to make it livable if not or to get it up to standards if not.  Obviously, this will require you to trust someone you don't know which is risky too.

How do you find a bird-dog? You can check with local real estate agents.  They should have connections with people who do this type of work.

Whether you are bidding on the property or a tax lien certificates make sure you know all the necessary requirements in order to bid prior to the sale. 

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