John Beck Tax Liens Free and Clear Program Review

John Beck Tax Liens Free and Clear Program is today's discussion topic. The name itself, "Free & Clear" another enticing title for a late night info commercial.

This program that is advertise for $39.95. This basically get's you the program in digital download form. I will talk about the complete system manuals and CDs in a second. You can purchase other add-on's like coaching, property listing and access to database for an extra fee.

The listing is a lists of Tax Sales coming up all over the country. You get to download up to 10 standard lists and 1 enhanced list per month.

Most of the information is accurate, but some of the tax sale links are out-dated.

Now, to buy the complete package system on Amazon click HERE to see the price. Read the reviews!

I'm not necessarily recommending or indorsing the course or any of John Beck products. Concerning listing, I teach you how to get the listing yourself strategy as part of my course. My strategy works anywhere.

So in conclusion, I'm not knocking any body that's trying to make a buck is legit. He did late night commercials so maybe the course needs to be that expensive to cover the air time expenses. Nevertheless, at the end of the day my advice is to buy a course from somebody you trust. Doing this based off free internet information will for sure get you into trouble. Even if it's not John Beck Free and Clear Program or my How to Buy Tax Certificates and Deeds Essentials to Success course. Again get a course from someone that you trust and believe that is knowledgeable in this area of real estate buying.

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