I left my $28 per hour job to Buy Tax Liens

You can buy tax lien certificates and tax deeds all over the US for under $1,000. Penny's on the dollar, low risk high reward, yes it's true!

I paid $800 for my first tax sale. The redemption period was 1 year. After the year was up, it was mines. It was a brick duplex. I couldn't believe I got it and at the price I got it for. I can remember thinking, "I'll make my initial investment back and turn this into pure profit in no time!" I was excited and ready to go to my next tax sale and buy tax lien certificates!

It did need some work, but I knew I had made a good investment. I have no monthly mortgage to pay, how sweet. So I made some property improvements over the years. I had new water heaters and furnaces installed, but I write it off as a business expense. It appraised out at $57,000 in 2005. I still own it to this day. I pay for the grass to get cut, water and yearly taxes. It bring me in almost $1,000 a month.

In the beginning, I was thinking like you are probably thinking now, "Yeah right!" I was very skeptical too. Making money going to a tax sale sounded too good to be true. I had seen all the late night info commercial hype as well. I was curious so eventually I decided to investigate things further thinking what would it hurt.

I did my own tax sale research because I already had my share of sending money to someone and getting a bunch of disappointing tax sale information. I'm putting that nicely. There was plenty of free information telling me how it worked. It actually started making me think, "tax sale buying may not be a bad idea." So I decided to give it a try.

That was in 2002, by 2005 I had developed my tax sale process that was rewarding me financially. So much so that I left my $28 per hour IT job and haven't looked back. It's been well over a decade and nothing has changed in the way I buy tax lien certificates or tax deeds at a tax sale.

Looking back, I won't lie it was a rocky road in the beginning. The biggest problem was the free information I had didn't cover everything that I needed to know to have success. Fortunately the mistakes I made buying tax liens didn't cost me a fortune and I was able to stick with it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made.

I created this website to help those who want to embark on this great tax sale buying adventure. The advantage that you will have is access to the knowledge I have. Knowledge is the key!

2 Benefits of Tax Sale Buying

These are the two reason why I think you should consider buying tax liens along with tax deeds.

  1. Anyone can buy these properties, you don't have to have good credit or a license. Cash is King!
  2. Prices of the properties are unbelievably inexpensive. Some less than $1,000.

3 Ways To Make Money at a Tax Sale

When buying tax liens or buying tax deeds, these three ways will ensure that at you are diversifying your income.

  1. Sell or flipping property (wealth building)
  2. Rent the House Out (residual income)
  3. Getting the Interest Money (re-investing income)

#1 Tax Sale Buying Tip

Are really interested in buying tax liens? Does buying tax deeds really interest you? My advice would to be to invest in knowledge of the business. So you can avoid the pitfalls and not loose money!

It doesn't matter if you get my course or someone else's course. Get something from someone that you trust and has experience. You won't find ALL the knowledge you will need for free online!

I investigated other ways to make money in real estate. Buying tax liens and buying tax deeds is by far the simplest way to make money.

How To Buy Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Essentials To Success Course

My easy to read, straight to the point course will save you a time and money. Just follow my simple proven process, make smart decisions and repeat the process. That's it!

  • Don't have money I share solutions. So don't let that stop you!
  • You don't have to have prior experience. I will teach you everything you need to know.
  • You can start part-time. The number of properties doesn't matter, it can be 1 or 100. It all works the same.
  • Plus, 40 forms I personally use! They will make doing business easier. All the forms are customizable.
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