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Reviews on Popular Tax Lien Programs

Saen Higgins Tax Liens Wealth Without Risk Program is today's discussion topic. The name itself, "Wealth Without Risk" a great title I must say. 

However, I've been doing this since 2006 ...NO RISK!  If that was the case, everybody would be quitting their day job and doing this.  There are RISK!

I'm not necessarily questioning the validity of the information that he is providing, it's the cost of Saen Higgins Tax Liens Wealth Without Risk Program.  I was like, what is he selling that makes his course so expensive? Then I thought about it. I believe the main reason Saen Higgins Tax Liens Wealth Without Risk Program is so expensive is because he runs those late night info commercials. So in order to pay that bill... That's my best guess.

Now I do make money Buying in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds, it's a great business.  I didn't buy Saen Higgins Tax Liens Wealth Without Risk Program, I taught myself. In doing so I did loose money in the beginning.

I will tell you one of the keys to success in learning how to AVOID the PITFALLS when buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds.

The #1 Benefit is: Financial Freedom!
John Beck Tax Liens Free & Clear Program is today's discussion topic. The name itself, "Free & Clear" is another enticing title for a late night info commercial. 

This program that is advertise for $39.95 at the time of this review. This basically get's you the program in digital download form.  If you want the CDs it's extra. They also try to get you to purchase other add-on's like coaching.  Also for an extra fee you can get a property listing.

You can also get a membership for $39.95 a month to get you access to lists of Tax-Sales coming up all over the country. You get to download up to 10 standard lists and 1 enhanced list per month.

Most of the information is accurate, the links are out-dated.

What I've determine is most people don't want property all over the United States. Frankly, I don't purchase any property any where I can't go check out or I don't have someone there I can trust and is knowledgeable about property.

The other thing is about the listing. I teach you may how to get the listing yourself strategy as part of my course. My strategy works anywhere.

Remember their is generally always some catch. Most of the time its trying to sell you something else after you buy the original product.

I got tired of getting burned! So I learned on my own and used the resources I had. I finally figured it out. It wasn't easy and I lost money on the way. You can learn from my mistakes making road smoother and easier.

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Tax Lien Certificates Essentials Course
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