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John Beck Tax Liens Free & Clear
Program Review

John Beck Tax Liens Free & Clear Program is today's discussion topic. The name itself, "Free & Clear" another enticing title for a late nite info commercial. 

This program that is advertise for $39.95. This basically get's you the program in digital download form.  If you want the CDs it's extra. They also try to get you to purchase other add-on's like coaching.  Also for an extra fee you can get a property listing.

You can also get a membership for $39.95 a month to get you access to lists of  Tax-Sales coming up all over the country. You get to download up to 10 standard lists and 1 enhanced list per month.

Most of the information is accurate, the links are out-dated.

What I've determine is most people don't want property all over the United States. Frankly, I don't purchase any property any where I can't go check out or I don't have someone there I can trust and is knowledgeable about property.

The other thing is about the listing. I teach you may how to get the listing yourself strategy as part of my course. My strategy works anywhere.

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