Tax Lien Certificates for Sales & Tax Deeds Investing

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Tax Lien Certificates for Beginners
Questions & Answers

Will I have to buy some other product you offer later?
No... Don't you hate when they do that!

How long will it take me to become a PRO at tax lien certificate investing?
The investing in Tax Lien Certificates and buy tax deeds course will take you about 1 hour to read!  After that I recommend you go through the entire process attempting to get 1 property.  After you do that you will be able to determine how long it will take you.

How to find or get a list of the properties?
I discuss that in Tax Lien & Tax Deed Essentials Course!

What if I don't have any money can I still get into this type of investing.
There are ways, I discuss that in Tax Lien & Tax Deed Essentials Course!

Will you act as a consultant or advisor?
I'm always willing to answer questions when you have them, but I don't and won't make decision for you.

Would you be my partner and we can do deals together?
Thanks, but I'm sorry I have to decline your offer.

I make it sound so simple. Can I be successful?
It wasn't simple for me because I didn't have a mentor. I learned as I went, boy did I loose money! I believe anyone can do it if they are thorough and have a good mentor and plan that's the keys. The information alone is not enough. That's why I make myself available for questions. So feel free to ask.

Since my question wasn't here can I call you?
Sure! My name is Gene Kendrick (812) 760-9806.

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